Hello everybody! :D
I'm back with my blog and, of course, I'm back with GTA modding/rigging ;)

Please, I hope you guys apologize for my delay because I couldn't manage my time and there were too much things that I had to concern with... But the serious mistake which make me feel ashamed that I've let you guys disappointed since September, 2016... :( So, I will fix my fault by a lot of surprises in this 2017 ;) :D

What are those surprises? ;) You can check the list below here ;) :D

- I accept your requests (only the models related to Anime, MMD or Japanese's Art) => Feel free to give me your models and I will rig it for you in no time (it depends on if I'm free or not, or if I'm rigging someone else's models or not). I guarantee you will have your models as soon as possible (2 days are maximum - it's only counted at the day I agree to rig your models) ;) :D

- I'm trying to rig the model into GTA V too ;) But I haven't promised anything yet :P Because GTA SA has already made my head explode :))))))

- I have a team now - A team of 3 people :D My teammates will help me with the rigging and modeling. So, there won't be any delay in the future from now on ;)

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Note from knightvvp

Hi! :D If you want to upload my skins to other sites (exept GTAInside), please write my nickname and the address of this Blog, I'll be very thankful to you for doing that (because I spent a lot of time making and testing these models, so be fair, right? :) ) -> Again, Thanks a Million, my friend ;) Keep supporting me ^^
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  1. Ohhhh thanks god you're back, I love your skins.

    now that I see you're accepting request related to anime. I would be the happiest person on earth if someone ever makes a skin of Kousaka Reina ~ from Hibike Euphonium. Great anime, and if you won't accept the reaquest, at least watch the anime (if you haven't) its :ok_hand::skin-tone-5:

  2. Can you please make a GTA SA of Mob from Mob Psycho 100 with MMD models? I can send you the pmx/pmd

  3. Can you make a skin of moge-ko from mogeko castle, someone made a mmd model